Rainy Day Hair Fixes So Your Natural Do Doesn’t Get Undone

Rainy Day Hair Fixes So Your Natural Do Doesn’t Get Undone

One of the worst enemies of natural black hair is rain and humidity, and unfortunately if you’re not prepared for it, it can undo hours of work in a matter of minutes. Of course there’s usually the ability to check weather reports online or over the radio the day before you plan on styling and heading out to face the elements, but on those days when you get caught in a sudden drizzle or needing to go out in an unexpected downpour you’ve got to be prepared to work beyond the basics. Obviously an umbrella is a priority, especially those deep pocketed ones made of clear plastic that will allow you to completely protect your do and still see where you’re going, but if you don’t have one on hand, or you need a little extra protection, check out these 5 rainy day tips and fixes.

Hair GelUse Gel

Gel can be your best friend if you know what to do with it, especially if you’ve got a naturally curly do. If it’s wet outside there’s really no point in drying and styling for the day, and if you don’t have time to tie your hair back in a protective style then your best bet is to wash and wear by getting some gel into your tresses as soon as you’ve towel dried. Bellasugar.com says:

Keeping your hair damp and then coating it in a managing product keeps water molecules from puffing up your hair the minute you walk outside.

Gel is a great way to go because even as it dries it can keep your curls looking shiny and curly, which helps if they get damp again. Yes, the water will dilute the styling product, but if you’re working with a quality gel with a firm hold this shouldn’t be a problem.

Get Protective

If you do have the time to style your hair and tie it back then putting it into a protective style tucked in tight and away from the elements than that’s always going to benefit you most during a wet and stormy day. Simone C. Porter of Cocoa Fab advises:

Turn your mini twists into a super cute updo with bobby pins and five minutes. It’s always a good idea to pull your hair up and away from your face, especially if it’s raining animals outside.

Tight braids that keep the ends of your hair away from the elements is another way to prevent frizz and keep things looking professional. This also makes it easier to protect your hair from flying out from under a hood or bonnet and getting bits and pieces wet, which will only spread to the rest of your strands. Even tying it back loosely can give you a more put together appearance when the weather starts to get the best of it, and once you’ve got pins in it they can easily be rearranged in a washroom, which is more than you can say for a straightened look which might blow up, or frizz out and become uncontrollable.

Bring back the bonnet!Bring Back the Bonnet

You know what these are or have probably seen them around without realizing it if you don’t. They can come in any color, but most are clear plastic and tie over your hair kind of like a shower cap that you wear out in public. Black Hair Media writes:

Yes, these are old fashioned and you may feel like your grandmother in it, but they really are very effective in protecting your hair.

These are great in a pinch because they’re so portable you can carry them in your purse, pocket, and have multiples in the car or office for days that get unexpectedly messy without warning. They’re also cheap and fairly easy to find, so if you lose one or it gets damaged it’s really not too big of a deal.

Wrap It Up

If you don’t like the way that the plastic rain bonnet looks you can go with a slightly more aesthetically appealing instrument by using a scarf. This can be worked into an updo to replicate a turban-like embellishment, or just warn like a hood over your head when the elements start to take their toll on your mane. Hair wraps or scarves can come in different price points ranging from expensive to reasonably priced, and can be in pretty much any color, texture or print, so this is an excellent way to still express your personal style while staying a little dryer.

Add A Scrunchie

The scrunchie may not be your favorite hair accessory, but it has made a serious come back and can look really great if you know how to wear one. They’re fairly small so you can tote it in your purse if it looks like the weather might take a turn for the worst, and they’re generally soft on your hair so they’re not going to damage it by pulling. Curly Nikki reports:

I gently gather all of my hair on the very top of my head and loosely wrap the scrunchie around it. My tresses go from hot mess to just hot in minutes.

It may not be the classy coiffure you bargained for when you left for work this morning, but if you find yourself under some dark clouds; it’s quick to pull your hair into a messy up do so that you don’t need to sweat the wet stuff. Of course you’ll still have a few stray flyaways, but nothing that can’t still compliment what looks like an on purpose bit of tousling. If you’ve got bobbypins with you, you can pin up any excess or fallen strands to give your look a little more structure. If you’re worried that a scrunchie won’t do the trick you can add a headband to the combo, just make sure you go for something in a classic neutral shade, or one that matches your scrunchie specifically so that it looks like the ensemble was planned when you walked out the door this morning. This way, even if you’re really just throwing yourself together in the office bathroom before heading out for your lunch break you won’t seem unprepared.

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